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Vega Logistics is really an aggressive Freight Forwarder and Global Logistics Provider in Vietnam. Basing on this solid foundation we have leveraged our strengths and expanded our operations through an agency network spanning over many countries in the World. At Vega Logistics, we offer knowledgeable, caring professionals who understand your real needs.  We determine how your goods are handled from creation to completion, where your goods are at any given moment and when they will arrive in the hands of your customer.  For you this means tighter cost controls, enhanced revenues, improved asset utilization, and better service to your customers.

As per our slogan “Real service”, we are proud of having a professional and experienced workforce who definitely understand what is “service”. Those professional experts could have much more opportunities to improve owing on a smart and professional SOP (Standards of Procedure) which will provide a perfect service from the beginning to end of logistics field to all partners of us.

Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City - the pattern of economic growth and development in the south of Vietnam, Vega Logistics will take all these advantages to build up a stronger and comprehensive agency network to worldwide. Besides that we focus on establish and develop our logistic services in order to cope with the international forwarding industry needs.

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